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August 17, 2016

 No matter who you love and support- these numbers paint a clear picture about which candidate is winning in terms of online marketing. 

August 1, 2016

Mobile marketing is a great way to unlock powerful opportunities for any business, big or small. Considering the fact that almost everyone has a mobile device, whether it be a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop, it is more important now than ever to market your products...

July 27, 2016

The main goal of any company's presence on the Internet is to boost visibility, and one place where this is exceptionally important is on social media. Social media marketing can be an invaluable tool for any business looking to expand their brand. Here are five benefi...

June 14, 2016

Social media is a huge opportunity for any business owner to market their brand. These websites -- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook -- reach 80% of all Internet users and account for 23% of all their time spent online. The results have proven to be successful where five pe...

March 23, 2016

How do you know if what you’re doing socially is working? It’s difficult because there isn’t a magic button or number or measurement that says “Hey- good for you- you mastered it!”

There are, however, a few things that can be used to give a general idea whether your bus...

March 3, 2016

Is there really that big of a difference in how adults and teens use social media?

I've heard my kids tell me that Facebook is only for "old people"

WOW- Is that even TRUE? I certainly don't FEEL old!


It turns out, teens dominate networks like Facebook and Twitter, whi...

February 24, 2016

Are you on Facebook Messenger? If you’re not- you’re missing out.

There are currently 800 million users on Facebook’s messaging app. Facebook Messenger was the fastest growing app in the U.S. last year, and is now the second most popular app of all time- behind Facebook...

February 16, 2016

Do you use emojis? Do you even know what emojis are?



Here are the crazy facts- four out of every 10 millennials would rather engage with a picture than read. Stunned? Me too. Almost half of our country’s most educated generation would rather look at a picture tha...

February 4, 2016

Do you remember life before the social media giant, Facebook? To celebrate Facebook's 12th birthday, social media has been using the hashtag, #BeforeFacebook to list their memories... 


Think about it- 

No reminders of who is celebrating a birthday. 

No immediate pictures...

February 1, 2016


There are lots of ways to measure success when it comes to Social Media… page likes, visits, page views, positive comments… but which one speaks more to social media success? Is there one in specific that should be focused on?


In a recent poll, taken with almost 400 p...

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