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New Twitter Tracking


This year, my daughter asked for an American Girl Doll for Christmas. I have never purchased one before, so I went onto their website to check it out.

I decided that I would rather go into the store and look at the dolls in person, so I clicked off of the site, and went onto Facebook for my daily social media fix. I look to the left, and there it ad for American Girl Doll.

How do they do that?!

Well, now Twitter will be doing something similar.

There is an app update that has rolled out for iOS users this past week, and for Android users this week that will allow Twitter to keep track of the apps that you download.

Twitter says that the goal is to provide users with a “more tailored experience.” Tracking users downloads will allow the site to get a better feel for what people’s interest are and give suggestions on who to follow, and of course, show ads that are more relevant.

The new update is called “app graph.” Users will be opted-in automatically, but do have the option of opting out.

Have you seen this new update? What do you think about it? We want to hear from you.

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