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Life Before Facebook

Do you remember life before the social media giant, Facebook? To celebrate Facebook's 12th birthday, social media has been using the hashtag, #BeforeFacebook to list their memories...

Think about it-

No reminders of who is celebrating a birthday.

No immediate pictures, and updates when a friend is having a baby.

No updates about what meal someone is eating.

We weren't reminded several times a day about the opinions of people we rarely interact with.

We had no idea what our high school classmates were doing since graduation.

We had to mail invitations to events.

There are over one billion active users on Facebook. More people have cell phones than toilets, and 47% of Facebook users ONLY log in from their mobile device. Facebook has become a major part of our lives- and although many will complain about it, there is a lot of good that has come from the social media platform.

Check out this hilarious video of the best responses to the question; "What did you do before Facebook?"

And let us know- what was YOUR life like before Facebook?

Life Before Facebook- Best Responses

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