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Best SEO Tactics To Optimize Your Website


Anybody with a business or product to sell wants their name and their website out there for everyone to see. What's important is knowing how to do this so that you're best able to advertise or bring in clients. But how does one do that? Knowing the latest search engine optimization skills will help you do just that.

Google News

Over 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Because of this, SEO tactics are critical in driving and promoting a product, service, or business. The best way to ensure your website will get hits is to make sure you're set up with Google News, especially if your content is relevant to events and trends happening around us daily. As long as your website is easily navigable and up to Google's standards, your site should be accepted. This SEO skill is sure to improve your website's ranking.

Website Speed

Another crucial SEO tactic that will help is to make your site speed faster. The attention span of the average consumer is only seconds long. If your website takes more than three to five seconds to load, potential customers or clients may grow tired of waiting and will go to your competitor's fast site instead. Site speed is also a factor that Google uses when ranking websites on the search engine results page, so ensuring your site loads quickly could mean that you rank higher.

Evergreen Content

The next most important SEO tactic would be making sure your content is "evergreen," which means the content that will never go out of date or become irrelevant. The importance of enduring content is self-evident. Doing this with content will help increase views to your website because the content will always have an audience. An article written in 2015 from evergreen content would still be applicable even in 2020.


Though this is the last thing mentioned, it is likely the most important. Making sure your website is clear and concise, easy to maneuver, and translates into mobile view is the bare minimum you can do to help yourself. Nowadays, most people are searching on their phones. If your website doesn't appear on a phone with an intuitive and visually appealing layout, there will be a disconnect for your mobile viewers, which isn't good. Making sure your website is clean and clear on both desktop and mobile is crucial to allow your website to receive more traffic.


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