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Social Media Managment

Creative Agency

Step 1

You identified branding and promotions as your primary goal.  Now lets build your strategy!

Web Consultation

Step 2

We build out a business profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  If you already have one, we are willing to do a “face lift” on the existing profiles if desired.


Step 3

We work with you to lay out a plan for the month. We create posts that bring awareness to sales/promotions/Events/Speakers/New Products. We blend in informative and humorous posts along the way to help engage the audience.  
Creative Agency

Step 4

We really get things going by creating contests and giveaways.  This allows for rapid fan base growth, and allows you to get your message across to a much bigger audience in the future.

Professional Growth
Professional Man Holding a Tablet

Step 5

We monitor and report the results, and establish a plan for the following month.  Results are like building a snowman, it starts a little slow, and in a matter of a couple of months things really start to take off as your fan base grows.

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