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Step 1


You identified immediate sales as your primary goal, so here is a Starting Point. This provides us the information we need to build out a strategy that is unique for you. 

Why do you want to have
Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising ?

Fast Results

Did you ever wonder why all the Search Engines put PPC ads in the top left hand corner?  It’s because we’ve all been trained to read, starting at the top left hand corner.  It’s not by accident that revenue generating ads are placed where we all start looking.  

The great part is, you can have your business right there.  Front and center! 

Here at Frontman Marketing a PPC Expert will construct an elaborate campaign that is designed to accomplish your unique internet marketing goals.  

How our PPC campaigns work

Prices Starting at $400/mo.  

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Step 2


We will analyze your business, products/services, competition and most importantly how the consumer looks for what you’re selling. 

Step 3


We review your goals and discuss your options. Then we develop a strategic plan to increase high quality search traffic to your website based on our strategy discussion.  No two plans are exactly the same, so we customize a digital marketing plan just for you.   
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Step 4


We build out your PPC campaign and have it up and running in less than 24 hours.
We establish layers of strategies and tracking codes to show what ads run the best, what time of day conversions usually take place, and countless other pieces of data we use to optimize your account on a regular basis.

Step 5


In the first month we usually talk after 2-3 days of getting it up and running, at the two week mark and at the end of the month.  We monitor and report the results, and make sure that results are coming in, and adjust as we learn.  It’s always better to be proactive then reactive.  It’s why we talk so much at the beginning.  The only way we can be confident that things are working is through data analysis.  But that requires some time to read, react, and reevaluate.  So it can take a few months before we can find a “sweet spot” in performance.  From there we keep trying to push the limits of what we can do. 
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Contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss a strategy for your business.

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