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Our Strategy


Our focus has always been about the quality of leads, not quantity.  Anyone with a credit card can go to Google Adwords and get 1000 people to their website.  What good is it if 999 of them leave after being on your website for 2 seconds?


The benefit of getting better quality leads 

• A higher likelihood of them converting into a paying customer

• Reduced marketing costs

• Efficient use of your sales staff’s time

• Better accuracy of the effectiveness of your marketing efforts


Our recommendation is to apply a diversified internet marketing strategy.  No investment adviser would ever tell you to place your entire portfolio into growth stocks.  It’s too risky, and many times when that market is down, the bond market is up, meaning you missed the gains.  When we review our analytics data often times one week we’ll see the most revenue come from organic visits, but the next week PPC may result in the most sales.  In short, quality leads come from different venues, and you don’t want to miss a great opportunity because you omitted exposure in a particular area.


We break our services into 3 main concentrations; Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management and Social Media Management.  We also created a hybrid for local businesses that we call Metro Marketing.  We broke these into separate categories because frequently a client had an in house solution for a service line, but needed help in other areas.  It also allows us to customize plans for each client allowing greater emphasis on certain areas based on a client’s needs.


One of the biggest differences between Front Man Marketing and the rest of the industry is we don’t believe in contracts.  We have enough confidence in our strategies and abilities that we don’t need you to come back because of an obligation.  We either produce results, or we get fired.  It shouldn’t be more complicated than that, and you should never have to pay for services that are not working for you.


We are always willing to talk with you about your situation and discuss how we can help.  There is never a cost or obligation to talk things through.  


Contact Us to set a time to brainstorm solutions for you.

We appreciate the chance to earn your business!

Front Man Marketing


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