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Step 1


You identified branding and promotions as your primary goal.  Here is a Starting Point in working with us.  These questions are needed in order for us build out a strategy that is unique for you. 

Why would you want to do
Social Media Management?

Branding and Word of Mouth Advertising

We all know the best form of marketing is word of mouth.  The fastest and easiest way to get that done is with social media.  Ideas and messages can be spread to thousands of people in minutes.  Want to stir some demand or awareness?  

With a click of a button we can get your message out for people to see.

How our Social campaigns work

Prices Starting at $250/mo.  

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Step 2


We build out a business profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  If you already have one, we are willing to do a “face lift” on the existing profiles if desired.

Step 3


We work with you to lay out a plan for the month. We create posts that bring awareness to sales/promotions/Events/Speakers/New Products. We blend in informative and humorous posts along the way to help engage the audience.  
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Step 4


We really get things going by creating contests and giveaways.  This allows for rapid fan base growth, and allows you to get your message across to a much bigger audience in the future.

Step 5


We monitor and report the results, and establish a plan for the following month.  Results are like building a snowman, it starts a little slow, and in a matter of a couple of months things really start to take off as your fan base grows.
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Contact us if you have questions or would like to discuss a strategy for your business.

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