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Metro Marketing- For Your Own Backyard

The Wall of Ideas

Step 1

You identified Metro Marketing as your goal. Now lets build your strategy!


Step 2

We will analyze your business, products/services, competition and most importantly how the consumer looks for what you’re selling.  


Step 3

We build over 50 profiles for your business.   This includes websites like, YellowPages, SuperPages, Yelp, Bing, Yahoo, Google, Facebook and more.  If you have a profile already, no problem.  We submit a request to manage the account.  This avoids duplicating profiles that can actually harm your rankings.  From there we clean and update everything so there is a universal look/feel/message.
We also develop onsite SEO recommendations for your website. 
The Wall of Ideas

Step 4

Let’s get social. On a weekly basis we will create a post on Facebook/Google+ to promote a product/event/sale for your business.  We then take that post and advertise it directly on Facebook.  We capitalize on the great demographic data that we all just hand over to Facebook.  You want to be in front of women, who are parents, aged 30-39, that are employed, and like shoes. Done. 

Team Talk

Step 5

We monitor and report the results, continue to make social posts and communicate with you monthly.  Results will vary as every situation is different based on geography, number of competitors and where you ranked before we started.  But generally it takes 1-3 months before you start to see an improvement in your organic rankings.  On the social side you’ll see your fanbase grow weekly, but with any economies of scale the bigger the audience, the bigger the result.  

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