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Master the Platform

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… are they confusing to you?

Did you know that each social media platform is different and has it’s own value?

If you have been treating them all the same… STOP!

Below, we will describe each platform and give you some tips on how to navigate them as well.

Facebook- Facebook is the largest social media networking site with over 1 billion active users. Facebook allows for long posts and multiple pictures in a single post. Users can “like” “comment” or “share” posts and follow and friend pages and people.

When posting to Facebook- think about writing a letter to a friend. Posts to Facebook should be limited to a few per day.

Twitter- With Twitter, the user writes posts- called “tweets” that have a maximum of 140 characters. The use of hashtags is popular and important. Users are able to click on a hashtag and see every tweet that has used that particular hashtag- resulting in increased engagement.

For Twitter posts- lean towards tweets that reflect what you are currently thinking and/or experiencing. The average life of a tweet is seven minutes. So tweet often for maximum effect.

Instagram- Instagram is all about the pictures. It’s like a story board of your life. Think about questions like: Where are you? What are you doing right now? Who are you with?

Answers to those questions can be found on Instagram. Instagram is more personal. Post lots of interesting pictures with corresponding hashtags for more engagement.

Each of these top three social media platforms has a different and unique audience with something different to offer. It is important not to post the same exact things on each platform. You may have a follower on one platform that is not on the others. That follower must see the value in following you or your business on other platforms, and if your posts are the same across all three, then there is no point in a person following you on all three.

If you are having trouble navigating social media, or if you need more clarification on what kinds of things to post to each different platform, contact us at Front Man Marketing for a complimentary consultation.

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