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What's the Subject?

Email subject lines. Some cause us to immediately delete a message without ever opening it.

Some have us clicking right away to find the hidden treasures within.

As a person or business who sends emails- it is important to know and understand the difference between that subject that causes a trash bound message and the ones that push the reader to open it.

First- we need to know about the different TYPES of subject lines- there are several:

Direct- It is what it is- “Enjoy savings of up to 20% on bakery boxes and towers”

Playful- Make your audience laugh- “Happy Birthday Mr. President. Save 40% off everything”

Curiosity-Inducing- Specific enough, but leaves something to the imagination “Color of the year”

Personalized- using something personal such as names, locations, or things they’ve searched “Come back Jess! Have you checked out your class lately” (from Classmates)

Scarcity- “Time is running out” type of subject lines- “Sale ends tonight!”

Call to Action (CTA)- Literally calls the recipient to action- “Don’t forget to use your welcome coupon”

There is also something to be said for formatting subject lines. You can do things like use all caps, add some symbols or emojis, or make the subject line extra short- only 2 words

The idea is that you want to keep your customers engaged- so one of the best approaches is to use all of the above. Test it out with a wide variety of subject lines, and see what gets you the best results.

If this is all new to you- contact us at Front Man Marketing for a free, no obligation consultation on how your business can improve its subject lines.

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