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Speak to Shop?

As technology evolves, we see the trend of not having to press as many buttons to get things done. We have things like Apple Pay, Siri, and even television remotes that you can talk to in order to get the channel changed.

This trend continues as Google is now working on “Conversational Shopping.”

Imagine having a conversation with your friend about the newest video game to be released- with Conversational Search, there would be no need to get in your car and head out to the store- no need to open a different browser and search online for the product- no need to then click through a few screens to purchase it.

Google wants to make this process streamlined by allowing the user to simply say something like “Google, find me the Batman versus Superman Xbox game.” Google would then show you the results and you’d say, “Purchase one from Best Buy.” At that point, you would get a receipt from Best Buy and the video game would be on its way to your house.

It seems a little futuristic, and at this point is still about a year or so away from being realized.

Do you think this is a good idea? I don’t think I’m the only parent out there who is a little concerned that my children would be buying tons of stuff- whether intentionally or inadvertently.

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