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Google Experimenting with Google Shopping

Google is trying something new with Google Shopping

The example that is pictured shows products from a specific jeweler that is categorized- rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings in a search for that jeweler.

When a category is clicked- it leads to a page on Google Shopping, not to the jewelers website. So, if other retailers carry this specific brand, then those listings would also appear.

For example- with this format, if a consumer was looking for Ugg brand apparel or footwear, the initial search might give categories such as boots, shoes, outerwear, and accessories.

Clicking on the “boots” category would bring the consumer to a Google Shopping page which would list not only the boots on the actual Ugg website, but all of the retailers that carry Ugg boots- from large department stores, to small, Main Street type businesses. Apparently, the search results are also not filtered by seller.

This results in a broader view of product selection and pricing for the user.

According to Search Engine Land, this type of ad format is “advertiser neutral”- it’s more so an ad for Google Shopping.

The good news for smaller retailers is that they have a chance to compete against large chain retailers and businesses with this format. Everyone would be on an even playing field.

We think this is a win-win. Consumers get a larger selection and pricing information so that they can get the best product at the lower price. And smaller businesses have a chance to compete with the big guys. Isn’t competition good for everyone?

Let us know what you think in the comments.


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