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Black Friday…Not as great as it used to be?

By the time many people are waking up the morning after Thanksgiving, many other Americans have already been shopping for several hours. Many are still in line as you read this article.

Some say, however, that Black Friday is losing its appeal, and just isn’t as popular as it has been in years past.

With online shopping and smartphone apps, some feel that they can get as good of a deal online and not have to deal with the crowds and the very early mornings.

As more and more stores are opening on Thanksgiving day, more people line up to snag early bird deals as well.

Having stores open on Thanksgiving day has created somewhat of a controversy. Many feel that the holiday should be spent with family, and are angry that loved ones have to work. Employees may need to get used to the idea of working on Thanksgiving day because analysts are expecting that holiday sales will increase up to 5% this year.

Despite the downward trend in Black Friday Shopping, it is expected that stores will ring up more than nine billion dollars in sales today alone.

Let us know- Will you be Black Friday shopping today? Did you already go? What are some of the best sales out there?

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