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"Twas the Night Before Christmas- A Social Media Version


‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,

not a creature was without a cell phone in hand.

The wireless internet was plugged in with care,

in hopes that a connection would always be there.

The children were holding their phones and tablets

while parents were dreaming of breaking bad habits.

When all of a sudden, we heard a sound.

We knew what it meant, and what we had found.

A notification from Facebook or Twitter

makes everyone’s eyes sparkle like glitter.

"Let me check my messages" is what we all say,

then 4 hours later realize we’ve wasted the day.

“But it connects me with friends and news of the day;

this can’t be a bad thing!” is what we all say.

“Social media is a way that we can be in touch

with friends, and family, and classmates and such.”

Of course it’s amazing to have access to friends,

and family, and businesses and other odd ends.

We just have to ensure that we never lose sight

of what is important- what matters, what’s right.

So this Christmas season be sure to spend time

with people in person and not just online.

Put down your tablets and laptops and phones,

and pick up a board game to play while at home.

The world will still be there when you log back on;

unfortunately most won’t even notice you’ve gone.

Enjoy time with your family- you know that it’s right.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

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