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Local Restaurants and the Power of Social Media

There is science behind the idea of images of food in advertising, and large corporations have been capitalizing on it for decades.

We see food; we want it.

If we see an ad before we taste a food, we like the taste of that food more.

When we are exposed to food ads, we eat more food overall.

Advertising can affect our preference for categories of food.

Local restaurants have been having success by jumping on the social media advertising bandwagon. Restaurant owners, managers, and chefs have been posting pictures of their dishes and adding hash tags like #foodporn, #foodie, #nomnom or even such simple and obvious hash tags like #food, #hungry, or #yummy. Oftentimes, the choice will be made to post pictures of non-menu items, just to see how much influence social media is actually having. They know it’s working when one after another, customers come in and order that particular dish.

Of course, like with any other business, social media has its downfalls too- like when people post negative feedback about the business. Having a qualified social media manager to respond to complaints typically takes care of any issues that arise and makes it so that the benefits of advertising far outweigh the potential negative review. If you own a local restaurant and haven’t taken advantage of this method of advertising- what are you waiting for? The world of social media awaits! If you are unsure of where to start, contact Front Man Marketing for a no obligation consultation.

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