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Recover Recently Deleted with Google Analytics New Feature

We’ve probably all done it- deleted something that we didn’t intend to. It’s a pretty horrible feeling. iPhones now have the feature, Recently deleted, in the photo albums- just in case you didn’t mean to put that awesome selfie in the trash.

Well Google analytics is the latest to jump aboard the trash can train with their newest release. They say that this new feature will be rolling out over the next few weeks and will allow users to recover any views, properties, or accounts that have been deleted in the last 35 days.

Google says that any data that is deleted starting today can be recovered once an account is updated with the new feature.

The “Trash Can” feature can be found by selecting an account in the Administration tab. Once it is live, users will be able to click the “Trash Can” icon on the left-hand panel and choose what data they want recovered.

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