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Conversion Tracking

Half My Marketing is Working, I Just Don’t Know What Half

Conversion tracking can be a powerful tool that helps you identify how well your ad campaigns are generating leads, sales, downloads, newsletter signups, and other key actions that relate to your business. By using conversion tracking you're able to identify which areas of your marketing campaigns are working and those that are not generating positive results.

In addition, when you have a conversion tracking program in place you are better able to optimize your bids, ad text, and search keyword accordingly. Here at Front Man Marketing, we know how important it is to control costs while at the same time generating the highest value for each marketing dollar.

At Front Man Marketing, we use conversion tracking to segment and filter your website traffic by any combination of over a dozen different dimensions including:

Campaign name & content

Medium (PPC, e-mail, newsletters, etc.)

Landing page

Matched keyword

Search engine & search phrase

Referring URL or domain name

Location (country, region/state and city)

Day of week and time of day

We then use this data to energize your marketing campaigns generating top results. Contact us today so that we can get you the best value for your marketing dollars!

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