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Twitter Video

Facebook has it. Instagram has it. Now Twitter has it… Video!

Spice up your tweets with video posts that can be recorded from the new Twitter video app. iPhone users can also upload video from the camera roll (this feature will be available for Android users soon, but isn’t available yet).

Open your Twitter app from your smartphone, and click to post a tweet- touch the picture icon like you would if you were going to post a picture, but instead, there will be a red video camera icon. Touch and hold that icon to record your video. When you are finished recording, Twitter will give you an option to edit your video or to post it. It's that simple!

You have the option of recording one-30 second video, or several shorter videos, and editing them together. What a great way to add life to your tweets. This will surely change the face of Twitter.

Check it out on Twitter today by clicking the link-

And look for videos from Front Man in the coming future at

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