Are You a Good Liar? Take the Test.

So- I'm not sure that I beleive this- but apparently there is a new way to determine if a person is a good liar or not...

I'm not going to give away the secret just yet.

First- watch the video, and follow the instructions. Don't scroll down to the bottom, and don't peek!









Did you watch it?



I didn't think so.

OK- Here's the test- Take the pointer finger of your dominant hand, and draw the letter 'Q' on your forehead.

Did you draw it so that it could be read by a person looking at you (the tail was on the left), or did you draw it so that it could be read by you (the tail was on the right)?

According to this study, if you drew the letter facing outwards, you are more of an outgoing person, more focused on others, which means that you are more likely to be a better liar.

If you drew it facing toward yourself, you are focused inward and more of an introvert, therefore you are more likely to be a terrible liar.

I'm not inclined to beleive that a 5-second test would accurately give results to questions such as this one, but it seems like a good trick to gain insight into a person's way of thinking... if only for the moment.

I have to tell you that I did this test more than once.

The first time, I drew my 'Q' facing outwards. This result wasn't surprising in that I am an extremely extroverted person. The problem is that I am a terrible liar (maybe a good liar would say that though... hmm). No really- I laugh or crack a smile any time I try to conceal anything. Please don't ever ask me to plan a surprise birthday party. I have almost ruined far too many.

The second time, I tried to clear my mind and just draw as fast as I could without thinking about it- and I drew the letter with the tail facing to the right. Who knows what that means...

So what do you think? Is there any truth to this at all- or is it just a fun game?

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