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Scrapbooks on Facebook?

Facebook has launched a new feature called Scrapbook.

When a baby is born, there are endless pictures posted to one’s Facebook account. The other parent is also tagged most times, so that both parents’ friends can see the photos.

Over the course of a year or two, photos of the child would be spread out all over- with no way of really tracking them- unless each photo was uploaded directly to an album (which they usually aren’t).

So what the Scrapbook feature does, is organizes all photos of your child(ren) or even pets and keeps them in one place. Two people can “share” the scrapbook album, and the privacy settings can be controlled so that you can decide who gets to see the photos.

You can name your child or pet- either with initials or a nickname if you’re concerned about privacy, and then tag your child/pet in all of the posts as well.

Facebook is currently working on a feature that will allow the child to take over the account when he/she turns 13- which is the legal age to start a Facebook account.

How can you set up a scrapbook? Go to your profile and click the “About” button. Then click on “Family and Relationships.” If you see an invitation to create a scrapbook, then click on “Get Started.” If you have already added a child to your profile, then click on “Add Scrapbook” next to his or her name.

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