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Facebook Cleaned It Up...

If you own a Facebook business or fan page, you may already be aware that Facebook did some spring-cleaning last month.


The social media giant decided that in order to more accurately represent a business’s following, all of the inactive and fake users would be deleted. Some pages saw sharp losses in followers, but in theory, the cleanup shouldn’t have affected engagement since the removed users were either not real people or people who were no longer using Facebook. To the outsiders, however, the number of page likes is an important number.

The point is to provide a better user experience, but some users aren’t too happy about it. Some page owners who have smaller fan bases celebrated milestones such as 1,000 fans not too long ago, but with the deletion are now sitting at less than 750.

Some complain that Facebook doesn’t do a good enough job getting rid of inappropriate pictures and videos but then they make a point to go through and find inactive users. They feel that Facebook shouldn’t care or that it’s none of their business whether users who like a page are inactive or not.

What do you think? Did the spring-cleaning project affect your business or fan page? If so- by how much?

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