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Saturday Morning Fun with My Idol

So here's something fun to talk about.

There's a new free app taking social media by storm; it's called My Idol.

It was created in China, so all of the prompts and writing inside of the app are in Chinese- BUT what it does is SO cool...

My Idol allows you to creat an avatar of yourself by uploading a selfie into the app. Next, you can customize features of your face, your clothes, shoes, hairstyle, and more. Then the magic happens. Once your avatar is completely customized, it can be uploaded into different videos- many of which involve dancing.

I tried it out- and besides the difficulty of not knowing, understanding, or being able to read Chinese- it was pretty fun. I have a few videos of my avatar dancing to some Justin Timberlake songs.

In case you ever wanted to know what I look like- here I am- in all of my glorious, Avatar splendor.

Check it out, create your own avatar, then share your pictures with us!

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