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Google Update May 2015?

Every month we’re looking at pages and pages of analytics data. Often times we find a client that sees a big change in performance. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but the head scratcher is when you can’t place the “why” into the “what happened” explanation.

We all know that Google pushes updates out on a regular basis. We also know that they make big announcements, or the SEM community identifies the updates mass panic online chatter.

But what happens when a tree is cut down in the woods, and no one is there to hear if it makes a sound?

GSQi is stating they’ve seen this before, going back to 2013. Their watchful eye has found another recent spike in organic traffic results. Yet no news has been seen from Google, or widespread around the internet. So did something happen?

Their research shows that the quality of user experience, and quality content, was the driving force on the most recent changes. Websites with spider webs of links, but no content were hit the hardest. Sites who have invested into content and developing sites based on user experience were rewarded.

It’s a refreshing update, just one we don’t know much about.

Click to read GSQi’s extensive breakdown

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