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New Messaging Platform That's Different

A Text. Seems like a simple thing now a days. The only thing is a lot of people, mostly teenagers, don’t have the ability to send one due to a lack of a cell phone plan. That’s the main reason the founders of Jott targeted a solution for this target market.

This captive audience was looking for a solution, and Jott has delivered one. After learning that teenagers send roughly half of all their texts during school hours, it only made sense to find a solution.

The unique part is not the messaging. It’s how it is delivered. Instead of a cell or Wi-Fi signal. Jott uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi radios to create a closed network with other devices that are within 100-feet of each other

For now they’ve created a viral platform that teenagers are swarming to. But the application isn’t fixed solely on kids who should be focusing on school. They claim it can provide solutions when there is no cell service. Which could be a valuable option in disaster situations.

Time will tell to see where this start up goes, but on the surface it seems to have found a niche market that has totally bought in.

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