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Not another ad...

When you go to bed at night, do you desperately wish that you had seen JUST one more advertisement during your day?

Me neither.

Yet a slew of companies don’t seem to realize this. They inundate every part of our lives with advertisement after advertisement. Big box companies win at this game because of sheer size. They can afford to throw catchy jingles, Superbowl ads, amazing photos timed just right… they can pay marketing geniuses ridiculous amounts of money to play on our emotions and get us to dig deep into our pocketbooks to purchase whatever product they are peddling.

So how to the little guys compete with that? What can small businesses do to advertise?

Social media has become such a huge thing for people, and in a lot of ways businesses are using social media like it was television. People are running ads on various platforms like Facebook and Twitter hoping to have results similar to ads that would run on television- but they are missing the mark.

Social media is different than television.

Social media is about interaction. Running ads is totally acceptable, but it shouldn’t be done in the same way that TV ads are done.

People on social media don’t want to be fed a bunch of advertisements. They want to interact with others. They want to learn new things. Before you tell someone about what you want them to buy- be sure you have offered them some knowledge or information- and certainly be sure that your business has someone who is following up and interacting with customers on a regular basis.

If you don’t already have that, or would like more information about how your small business can benefit from having a social media presence, contact us at Front Man Marketing.

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