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Facebook Makes Inroads to Yelp and Foursquare

In early 2015 Facebook began trialing a new feature called Facebook Place Tips. Well the tool has been fully rolled out. The goal is to make it easier for local businesses to connect with their customers while they are in their stores. Facebook Place Tips gathers information from the business’s Facebook pages and shares it with the customers via smart phone apps.

The tips can include posts, upcoming events, recommendations, and check-ins which will display at the top of a visitors news feed. In addition, the tool will allow you to add a welcome message as well, which will also display at the top of the user’s news feed.

If you’re a business with a physical location, Facebook Place Tips could be a valuable addition to your marketing campaigns.

Bear in mind that Facebook Place Tips will only show up if the user has given Facebook permission to access their location information. Users of course can always opt out.

If your customers are avid Facebook users, you should explore this new feature -- it could mean increased exposure and additional revenue!

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