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Bing Ad Center's Growing Market Share

Front Man Marketing has long been a supporter of Bing Ad Center; what attracts us is the high conversion rates we typically achieve when using that platform. Well we’re even more excited based on January 4th announcement by Microsoft’s Vice President of Search Advertising, Rik Van Der Kooi.

“As of Jan. 1, Bing powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search, providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide. All major Bing Ads ad products are enabled for AOL search traffic worldwide to provide marketers with additional high-quality volume and ways to reach their desired audience”.

He went on to say, “Our partnership with AOL brings additional scale and opportunity to advertisers and marketers. Today, 1 in 5 searches happen on, and by providing Bing search results for the number 3 (Yahoo) and 5 (AOL) search providers in the US, Bing powers close to one-third of US PC web searches”.

We believe this is good news for marketers everywhere – which improves competition among the major search providers as well as perhaps improving the opportunity for conversions. In addition we also hear that as more and more Windows users convert to Windows 10, Bing Ad Center may receive an additional boost. You may ask how?

Well Windows 10 includes “Cortana”, Microsoft’s answer to “Siri” and “Google Now”. Microsoft’s CEO reported back in October that Windows 10 users had asked “Cortana” more than 1 billion questions and “Cortana” is powered in part by Bing’s search services.

So, if you’re not already taking advantage of Bing Ad Center, now may be a great time to add it to your portfolio of advertising tools. Give us a call or complete a contact us form. We’d love to set up a Bing campaign for you.


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