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Ads and Conversations

Conversational ads? Ok- I’m intrigued.

Last week, Twitter announced their latest ad format called the “Conversational Ad”.

The point of social media is interaction and conversation- so anything that helps to enhance that is generally a great idea.

So what is it?

Businesses now have the ability to create an ad by using hashtags within call-to-action buttons- which encourages Twitter users to post a tweet using one of the hashtags.

When the users click on the hashtag, they are redirected to a tweet including the hashtag and whatever message the advertiser has written. The user is able to change, edit, or re-write the message. Once the user clicks the call-to-action buttons and tweets the message about the brand, they’re shown a second ending message.

It is pretty simple, yet pretty amazing. It gives the option for customers of a brand to dialogue- which is the exact intent of social media.

There are some things you’ll want to know before using Conversational Ads…

  • Make Good Choices When It Comes to Your Hashtags- Even though you are able to start conversations about your business, you will want to direct the conversation in a way you see fit. Obviously, avoiding controversial subjects is key. Conversations should be friendly, upbeat, and fun.

  • Don’t Be Too Controlling- It will be tempting to write a message that includes something like “Best Brand On the Planet.” Right- because who wouldn’t want to write that? The problem, however, is that a message like that is more likely to get edited or changed by the user. Since customers are able to re-write the message (which isn’t a bad thing), you want to write a message that would be something they would’ve said- and that isn’t really worth their time to change. Basically- don’t force your customers’ to edit your message by making them sound like teenagers describing the latest boy-band.

  • There’s an opportunity for a second Call-To-Action- don’t forget about it. So after they send out the tweet, they will get that ending message. You could ask them to tell you what they think, give their email, purchase something… whatever. Don’t waste the opportunity of having a captive audience.

Ready to start? Just be sure that you have the time to devote to this. It could be pretty bad to start conversations, but then not have anyone there to redirect or join in conversations if they take a turn for the worst. If you still aren’t sure that Conversational Ads are for you- contact Front Man Marketing for more information.


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