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Emojis- The New Frontier

Do you use emojis? Do you even know what emojis are?


Here are the crazy facts- four out of every 10 millennials would rather engage with a picture than read. Stunned? Me too. Almost half of our country’s most educated generation would rather look at a picture than read a few sentences.😳

Once we know that fact, the way we communicate online has to change if we want to get through to people- doesn’t it? This past December, 38 new emojis were released, and it was a trending topic on social media for several days.👍

Some may be tempted to say that this simply isn’t important, but all signs point to the fact that millennials will account for nearly $1.4 trillion in spending power by the year 2020.💰

So which businesses are getting it right? Check out these top 3:

3) Bud Light

On the Fourth of the July, Bud Light tweeted an emoji American flag composed of fireworks in place of Old Glory’s stars and American flags and beers for the red and white stripes, respectively. It was clever, original, and took advantage of the existing emoji language.


On World Emoji Day (yes, it’s a thing), NASCAR Tweeted a photographic (emoji-graphic?) mosaic of some of the sport’s most famous drivers. Art? Maybe. Cool to look at? Certainly.

1) Domino's Pizza

The goal of any business should be to reduce friction during the purchasing process. By co-opting the pizza emoji into a food ordering mechanism, Domino's Pizza reduced the time it takes to order to five seconds. And that’s perfect because the only thing millennials like more than emojis is instant gratification.

Ready to practice?? Describe your day- using emojis ONLY. Ready- GO.

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