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Targeting Your Best Customers

What does Facebook know that you don’t? Facebook knows the products their site visitor’s use, who their friends are, the sites they visit, their ages, their politics, and you guessed it. Just about everything there is to know about their site’s visitors.

What if you could know those precise demographics about your customers? Could it improve your marketing campaign performance and perhaps expand your customer base without increasing your costs? Front Man Marketing believes it could.

Well that sounds great, but you say, I’m not Facebook. So how would I discover these facts? It will take a little work, but here is the method. 1st we know that our target audience is likely performing similar searches, and they are also visiting similar sites on the web. So let’s build a model of our customer base using 10 to 15 people and then multiply to create a broad base campaign. To begin we will start with a single customer that we know.

We can discover the places he goes by examining his social profiles. Is he on Facebook, how often does he post, what subjects can we find in his profile? Is he on twitter? Twitter has some nice tools we can use to see any content and find the domains he shares from most often. We can also perform a Google search to discover all of the profiles our model customer has on the web. At this point we have a pretty good description of our customer – now let’s go further.

Since we already know which keywords bring these customers to our site, let’s go further. Let’s look at the search terms. By using a tool such as SEMrush we can discover which domains rank best for these terms. This may be a good indication of sites my customer base may be visiting. Armed with these sites I return to a tool such as SEMrush, enter the domain and find even more keywords where the domain receives a high ranking.

At this point I need to validate my model. Are my customers actually visiting these domains? The best way to validate is to send a little survey. The survey should simply ask if any of these domains are favorites. Based on survey results I can now seek advertising opportunities at these locations. Once there, I should find many more customers who fit my profile.

For these and other great ideas, give us a call or complete our contact us form. Front Man Marketing would love to work with you.

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