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Adobe updates its next-generation Marketing Cloud Platform

For large scale digital marketers – Adobe tightens the integration and increased the number of features in its marketing cloud. Adobe believes today’s marketer is challenged with the complexities of marketing in a digital world. Marketing is constantly changing, and marketers need a partner to help them move at the speed of digital. Adobe’s marketing cloud’s goal is to deliver consistent personalized experiences across channels and to prove that your marketing dollars are working.

Adobe lists the following features:

  • Combine data across solutions and third-party data sources, such as CRM, POS, email, and survey, to create a single view of the customer.

  • Deliver personalized customer experiences across all channels and on any device.

  • Use predictive analytics to stay a step ahead of customer’s wants and needs.

  • Access all Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions from one centralized platform and visualize, socialize, and collaborate across teams with the interface.

  • Accurately forecast and continually optimize your paid digital marketing mix.

  • Manage, deploy, track, and monetize social programs.

  • Store, assemble, and distribute digital assets to deliver high-quality brand, campaign, and content experiences.

  • Integrate with more than 200 partners in 20+ countries, covering the entire marketing ecosystem.

  • Easily add, alter, and deploy marketing tags on your website, resulting in consistent page performance and accurate data collection.

Whether or not you need this level of service, Front Man Marketing is ready to work for you. Give us a call or complete our contact us form.

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