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Artificial Intelligence and Search – Google Calls It Rank Brain

As we all know from the countless reports, studies and whitepapers describing the best methods for achieving top rank on search results pages – the finish line keeps moving. Well getting top rank, just got a little more complex. It's been reported that Google for the past few months has been using a new tool. It’s called Rank Brian and it uses artificial intelligence to arrive at it decisions.

What you say is artificial Intelligence? In its simplest terms it is artificial systems that are aware of their environment and mimics human decision making – only at much faster rates and accuracy. Or in more technical terms, Artificial Intelligence is machine learning, which sees people create software that can learn about the world. Google believes that Rank Brain is better able to understand and interpret the search queries that you and I enter when looking for products or services. They also believe that it improves the search results pages.

According to Greg Corrado, a senior research scientist with Google, Rank Brain is living up to its AI hype. Google search engineers, who spend their days crafting the algorithms that support the search software, were asked to evaluate some pages and guess which they thought Google’s search engine technology would rank on top. While the humans guessed correctly 70% of the time, Rank Brain had an 80% success rate.

So what does this mean for SEO? At the moment Front Man Marketing believes you should continue to focus on best practices. Content and Links remain king. If you need to establish an SEO strategy, give us a call, we’re experts and can build a program for you that delivers results.

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