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Smart Strategies for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day has been a nationally recognized holiday ever since Woodrow Wilson declared it in 1914. Over the last 100 years, Mother’s Day has become the third-largest retail holiday in the United States, with over $21 billion spent.

Retailers certainly take advantage of the fact that no one wants to skimp on mom. The National Retail Federation suggests that the average shopper will spend just over $170 on their mother this year. Gifts for mom range from flowers to jewelry to electronics. In recent years, gift cards have also become a consumer favorite with sales expected to reach $2.2 billion.

So how can you be sure that your ad campaigns take advantage of this?

Here are some tips:

Timing is everything- Mother’s Day searches can begin as early as a month in advance, but are the most active the week before- especially searches for flowers, gifts, and greeting cards.

Go mobile- Mobile searches saw a 39% increase last year and are continuing to grow. 43% of mobile searches will be researching or comparing prices. 28% of searches will result in purchasing gifts. And 25% of searches will be to look up retailer information such as location, store hours, and directions.

A picture is worth… you know the rest- Use high quality images with a white background to make them pop. Test different images of the same product to see which one performs best. Also, since Mother’s Day is a very short seasonal event, refresh your images daily.

Mother’s Day is a big retail holiday- so be sure that you have a solid strategy. It’s not too late to get a plan in place, but you’ll want to start now if you haven’t already. The whole point is to be sure that mom is happy- right?

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