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The Changing Role of the SEO

Optimization in the old days meant identifying 2 to 5 keywords and optimizing them to page elements such as a Title, Meta descriptions, Headings, body content and so on. However, with the continuing crackdown on spamming techniques, the rise in the importance of mobile searches, and the various changes to search engine results pages -- the role of the SEO has changed considerably.

So while in the past search engines may have been focused on finding the best match for a given keyword, today search engines are much more focused on providing a better experience. We here at Front Man Marketing, believe that means the SEO must have a solid understanding of not only content creation, but content promotion.

Let's take a look at how the SEO must wage their craft by looking at various categories.

Links - Links have always been a critical component and continue to be today. In the past most SEO's focused on creating keyword rich anchor text and finding sites -- regardless of reputation -- where those links could be purchased or exchanged. We all know today that there are heavy penalties for engaging in these behaviors.

Link quality today is a must. To achieve success, the SEO must only approach authoritative sites and then sites that have some relevance to your own. In addition the links must be natural, so distributing and publishing high quality content is the key. However, don't stop there, monitor back links and disavow any that you believe are problematic.

Social Media - Social sharing has almost become universal. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have millions of users who share every aspect of their lives. Here it is critical that the SEO use these networks to build brand and to connect their clients with their preferred audience.

Local Search - One again, in the past the SEO could use dubious techniques, such as using directories, fudging addresses, or using keywords in the business name. Today search engines such as Google actively look for these techniques and hand out heavy punishment. In addition, the number of local listing has been reduced within a certain mileage range. To combat this loss of real estate and techniques, the SEO must work with their clients to obtain positive reviews from real customers.

Devices – Obviously in the past we only had to be concerned with the desktop or laptop computers. However, in 2015, Google reported that mobile searches officially surpassed desktop searches. So websites must include responsive web design – pages that automatically adjust to fit the device. In addition fast load times with easy to find calls to action are a must.

So here’s the bottom line. To be successful, your website’s content must connect with the searcher over multiple devices and platforms. Give us a call. Let us develop a program for you.

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