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Google’s New Ad Service – Home Service Ads

We’re all familiar with Home Advisor and Angie’s List now Google has entered the fray.

Home service ads are a way for you to advertise your business on Google and receive service requests directly from potential customers at the moment they are seeking your service. Home service ads are only available in an invitation-only beta for select San Francisco Bay Area cities. To participate, you must be contacted by a Google account manager for approval and to set up your ad. If your home service business serves the San Francisco Bay Area and you're interested in participating, Contact Google Here.

So if you are interested and you are approved, what do you get? Home Service Ads:

  • Show at the top of the Google search results page

  • Reach people looking for exactly the services you offer

  • Only pay for leads you receive (after the free beta period)

  • Manage requests and appointments through the beta AdWords Express mobile app

Your ad will be powered by AdWords Express, and will replace any existing desktop Search Network ads you are running for those categories. If you also use AdWords Display Network campaigns, you can continue to show ads on the Display Network to complement the home service ads that appear on Google search results pages. Potential customers can either call you or send a service request right from the ad. When they do, you'll get a notification from the AdWords Express mobile app. You can then choose to accept, decline, or ask for more information about the request.

In addition to the immediate interaction with customers there is an important reporting system. You get three reports:

  • Requests: The number of service requests that you received from potential customers who saw your ad on Google search results pages. This report includes both phone calls and text requests you received from your ad.

  • Appointments: The number of upcoming and completed appointments you scheduled from service requests. This report also breaks down appointments by source: calls or text requests.

  • Response rate: The percentage of requests to which you've responded. This report also shows you what percentage of your requests are active (currently in progress), booked (scheduled and completed), declined, or expired.

If you are approved, be aware there are some requirements. Every employee, independent contractor, temporary worker, contingent worker, vendor, or other worker who will visit a customer’s location must complete a background check. However, office managers, clerical workers, customer support representatives (or others that don’t visit customers) don't need to complete background checks.

It's not clear when the service might be expanded – however, if you need help establishing a digital campaign, either PPC, SEO or Email – give us a call.

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