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We all know that being a part of Google My Business is a highly valued piece of digital real estate. Google My Business offers a single place to manage your business reputation for all of Google’s search engine marketing products – these include Search, Maps and Google+. With these tools customers can find you regardless of which device they are using.

The Google My Business Platform gives customers the right information at the right time, whether they need driving direction from maps, opening hours from search or a phone number for mobile. In addition the platform allows you to build a fan base through ratings and reviews. We all know that for local business, ratings and reviews have become a key component for SEO ratings.

So what do you do if you get expelled for not following the rules? Well we are told there are two types of suspensions. The first type removes your ability to manage your listing. The listing is still present and continues to show up on Google and Google Maps. And your rankings are rarely penalized. Essentially, your listing has become unverified. So in this instance, it might be as simple as creating a new account and getting re-verified. Oh, and by the way, stop breaking the rules.

The second type suspension is fairly serious and there may be little opportunity to rectify. In this case, your entire listing is removed – including all of your reviews and pictures. In this case you will need to appeal to Google. Here are just a few reasons you may be expelled:

  • You must not use URL’s that redirect the user to a different landing page.

  • You can’t use virtual offices

  • You operate an online business without a physical store front

  • You have multiple verified locations for the same business

Here are some additional Guide lines for Google+ and Google My Business. Front Man Marketing can work with you to get your business set up, so give us a call!

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