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PPC Strategies Include Lead Generation and Rate of Conversion

t is a simple concept. So simple, in fact, many people might be afraid to employ it. Pay per click (PPC) is a way to jump to the top of a search engine results page by paying for the clicks, or visits, that occur on a site. Rather than paying up front for more traditional advertising that clients hope will lead people to their sites, the PPC clients only pay when the click occurs. Basically, these PPC clients are paying for results, not attempts.

Simple Principle, Changing Algorithms In an effort to stay accurate and current, Google changes its search algorithm 500 to 600 times a year. Although this keeps search engine results current, it also means that individual websites need to constantly generate relevant content with the appropriate keywords to stay near the top of their desired lists. Although research indicates that 74% of brand marketers notice an increase in website traffic after a mere six hours per week of posting to social media, this six hours a week, or 24 to 30 hours a month, is more than many small businesses can afford. Some of the most successful companies outsource their search engine optimization to companies that employee a full staff of writers who can generate enormous amounts of content. PPC consultants can also offer advice on what kind of content can help businesses of all sizes work their way to the top of search engine list results. The following survey results indicate the top two priorities of companies who are using a PPC manager to help them drive internet traffic to their sites:

54% say lead generation is the most important objective of their PPC decision.

46% say rate of conversion is the most important objective of their PPC decision.

Businesses Cannot Afford to Ignore Social Media While social media trends can seem difficult to keep up with, few businesses can afford to ignore these platforms. The current research, for instance, indicates that the combination of social media sites and blogs now reach 80% of American Internet users. In fact, social media use accounts for 23% of all of the time that is spent online. Examining personal Internet use can quickly show what this 80% statistic means. How often, for example, does a person go to the internet for a product search and not check one of the social media platforms? As a society that is known for multi-tasking, these numbers indicate that nearly one in every four times a U.S. Internet user opens his or her device for another purpose, they are also checking social media updates. Consider the following statistics as evidence that the social media sites are important in today's marketing world:

63% of millennials report staying up to date on brands through social media networks.

51% of millennials report social opinions posted on the Internet influence their purchase decisions.

46% of millennials report that they “count on social media” when buying online.

5% of marketers report they have generated a customer from Twitter.

PPC Platforms Offer Controlled Marketing Investments America is a connected society. What continues to be up for grabs, however, is what the connections are. Just as advertising and marketing professionals of the past used to continually strive for a fresh approach to print, radio, and television options, today's marketing and advertising teams also follow online trends. The results today are both immediate and documented. If a company, whether it be a small, medium, or large business, does not appear at the top of search engine results, changes are needed. PPC strategies are a popular option for many. Nearly 95% of Internet experiences start with a search engine. Continued research indicates that when these searches occur, three of every four users never look beyond the first page of results. Furthermore, 75% of users completely ignore the paid advertising and, instead, focus on the organic results that are guided by necessary key words and phrases. What is your company doing to drive its share of the 100 billion global searches that are conducted each and every month? If your business is not getting the results you want and need, perhaps hiring an SEO company to create a PPC platform is the next step that you need. It is time for you to update your marketing strategies.

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