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3 Successful Examples of Social Media Marketing

Social media is a huge opportunity for any business owner to market their brand. These websites -- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook -- reach 80% of all Internet users and account for 23% of all their time spent online. The results have proven to be successful where five percent of marketers have generated a customer via Twitter alone, and 74% of brand marketers report an increase in website traffic after only investing six hours per week on social media. Social media marketing can be easy to implement. Need some inspiration? Look at these social media marketing success stories to adopt some of their ideas into your practices. Domino's In May 2015, Domino's implemented a creative way of ordering pizza. Customers could simply tweet the company with the pizza slice emoji, or by typing #EasyOrder, and soon a pizza would come to their door. This order system gave them national recognition and built more customer loyalty. Taco Bell Taco Bell used all of its sources -- Twitter, Snapchat, and Super Bowl TV ads-- to introduce a "blind order" system, where customers could order a mystery item online and then show up to a restaurant later that day to pick it up. Cross-channeling these social media outlets led to a pent-up desire for a new menu addition, and created excitement that boosted sales. Dollar Shave Club Targeted at both men and women, Dollar Shave Club offers a monthly razor subscription service at different price points. In order to boost their social media presence, they used humorous ads under the title #RazorBurn. This campaign focused on poking fun at competitor's razors who are advertised to be used for months on end. The images used were old razors with captions such as " your razor is so old it eats dinner at 4:30 pm," or "your razor's so old it was acquired in the Louisiana Purchase." This marketing technique grew Dollar Shave Club's Twitter engagement with their consumers up 31%. As shown with these successful examples, Internet marketing is crucial in building a customer base, ensuring customer loyalty, and promoting your brand. But sometimes you may need a little guidance to get started. Our professionals at Front Man Marketing will be able to help you with all your Internet marketing needs, including PPC, offering PPC consultants and managers, paid search advice and the implementation of paid ads. Contact us today to get started!

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