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The Brave New World for Product List Ads

In this world instead of showing individual products, these new showcase ads lets a searcher see product collections from both local and online merchants. Google’s data suggests that 40% of product searches are for broad terms such as “patio furniture” or “men’s shoes”. Google believes product collections will better address these searchers.

In the new format, Ads will appear with a primary image and two smaller images related to the search. With this new model, advertisers won’t be charged for a search click, instead will be charged if a searcher clicks on a product once they reach the advertisers landing page. This is a significant change from Google’s present model.

Once this model roles out, advertisers will want to develop new strategies for broad search terms, perhaps introducing new landing pages and performance metrics. In addition to this standard form of showcase shopping ads, a premium version will let retailers customize the way their products are showcased. Our understanding is that for the premium version, retailers will provide Google with the creatives and Google will provide the formatting. However, the products will still be pulled from the retailers product feed.

Here at Front Man Marketing we can get you prepared for this brave new world and get you conversions. Give us a call!

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