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Instagram is Making an Impact

Social media has been changing the way we do things for quite some time. Now, Facebook is a part of the daily lives of over a billion people. Businesses would be remiss to not recognize the power and influence that social media has on our lives. So it isn’t surprising that restaurants are changing the way they do things- because of Instagram.

Instagram is a social media app that focuses on pictures for posts. It has 500 million monthly active users, and 300 million daily active users. 20% of internet users are also Instagram users.

Back in June of 2016, there had been over 168 million posts in Instagram using the hashtag #food (and I’m certain it’s way higher than that by now).

And of all people, Millennials dine out more than any previous generation. They are spending an average of $174 a month at restaurants, and there are nearly 50 million Millennials on Instagram in the U.S. alone.

The saying “we eat with our eyes” is even more true now due to social media sites like Instagram. Here’s how restaurants are taking advantage of that fact.

  1. Restaurant décor and design have become more important.

Since people are posting pictures while dining at their favorite spots, restaurants have become increasingly aware of what the restaurant looks like. Art of the walls, colors, table surfaces are all things that are now important- and Instagram is responsible.

  1. The presentation of food has become more important.

When people are posting pictures of their food- the way the food looks is a big deal. Yes, to an extent, restaurants always cared about presentation- but now, it is a much bigger deal. Restaurants are hoping that a beautiful presentation will equal more shares, and eventually more business.

  1. Branding for social media sharing has become more important.

Since restaurants know that so many people are sharing images of their food and décor, they see it as an opportunity to introduce their brand to the world.

A popular restaurant in New York, Dante, makes special cocktails that are made with custom ice that feature the restaurant’s name. Many people post photos of their drinks with the cubes.

Other restaurants feature drinks and other menu items that are colorful and unique so that when others see the images, they know exactly where the item came from.

Dining experiences have become completely different thanks to Instagram. What other industries do you think will be affected?


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