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3 Reasons Why Mobile Marketing is Important to Any Business

Mobile marketing is a great way to unlock powerful opportunities for any business, big or small. Considering the fact that almost everyone has a mobile device, whether it be a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop, it is more important now than ever to market your products and services to users on a mobile scale.

Mobile marketing is universal and incredibly easy to implement. Here are three reasons why mobile marketing is important to any business.

1. Mobile is the way to go

Consumers are looking at their mobile screens more than ever. They are always connected, from the time they wake up to the time they go to sleep. And with the mobile devices available at all times, this means you are able to connect with your customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This exposure is huge. Just imagine the business you can bring in during the nighttime and weekend hours!

2. Better connections to social media

Everyone nowadays has a social media account, and they often check their accounts on different mobile devices. Social media is a powerful tool for advertising, as social media sites have the ability to reach 80% of all consumers online. Due to the paid ads that are available on different social media platforms, 74% of online marketers saw an increase in web presence after only spending six hours on their account. Having a social media account will also boost your visibility and help you gain new clients. It is easy to do so considering five percent of marketers have gained a customer via Twitter. Best of all, social media doesn't cost a penny!

3. Mobile friendly sites rank higher in search engines

Besides promoting your services to potential customers, the whole goal of having a website is to boost your company's visibility online. An easy way to increase your online visibility is to make your website mobile friendly. This not only will place you higher in the search engine results, but this will boost the efficiency of your PPC and paid searches when it comes to mobile ads.

For any business looking to dabble in mobile marketing, it is important to meet with a consultant experienced in online marketing solutions. With their help, you could be going viral before you know it!

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