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We’ve Heard It All Before – the Key to Success on the Web is SEO. But! How Do We Achieve This Succes

Well in a few words – it all relates to Content, Authority and Relevance. Okay that makes sense, but who decides if you have good relevant content and perhaps more important, who confers authority?

The answer may not be surprising – it’s the search engines. Over the years search engines have become incredibly sophisticated since Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google introduced the notion of Page Rank. Search Engines are now able to analyze a page’s language, structure and other features to reliably determine whether or not the page addresses a topic and how useful it might be to a searcher.

So once a search engine knows about the existence of your content how does it decide if it’s relevant? Well it uses external signals. Remember when we mentioned page rank earlier? Well page rank is the secret sauce. Of Course Google will never share all of its components, but here’s what we know. Page Rank is a scoring system based on how many sites have links to your content. Since we have to believe that no self-respecting site wants their visitors to leave and go to your site, that must mean they highly value your content and believe it would be useful for their followers. In a sense a link from their site to your site is a vote for your content.

Unfortunately, in the WebSphere all votes are not created equal. So a vote from Amazon or the University of Chicago would have much more value than a link from Fred’s Beer House – no slight intended. It also matters as it relates to subject matter. If your content is about fashion, then having links from a site that focuses on appliances will never lead to high page ranks.

So when it’s all said and done, the relevance of the site’s linking to you and the linking page itself, impacts your ultimate page rank. So here’s where you might think, well I’ll just go out and buy some links! Well that’s a NO-NO. Google will penalize you for artificial link building and you may never see your site in an organic search page result.

We can help. Front Man Marketing has expert SEO professionals on staff. Give us a call. Let us build a program for you.

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