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All Your FAQs on PPC, Answered

Pay per click is a form of digital marketing that will help boost your online visibility and bring clients to your webpage. A full 83% of company leaders report feeling good about their PPC market, but there still is a lot of questions floating around concerning this paid search technique. For instance, many people don't fully understand the difference between these paid search ads and normal display advertisements. So here are some frequently asked questions about PCC, answered.

What is PPC?

Pay per click marketing is a way of buying non-organic listings on a search engine. Typically, when a consumer searches on a search engine like Google, the links they click are organic results, meaning they have clicked your link without it being promoted in any way. But non-organic links are paid ads placed on the top of Google's results. You pay a small fee for every click on these ads as a way to buy visits to your site.

Why does my business need PPC?

Above anything else, PPC is great for quick results. You will see results almost immediately, as you are going to extra lengths to place your ad on the top of the page. Since more consumers will view it, the likelihood of these paid searches bringing a hefty return on investment is huge. Plus, PPC ads are the only way to guarantee your website a position on page one of the search results.

Isn't PPC expensive?

The cost per click for any keyword is based on factors like search volume, consumer intent, and competitiveness. By choosing the right keywords to target, you can craft a PPC campaign suited to your budget.

The prices of PPC range, but since they can provide almost immediate results the benefits often outweigh the costs. SEO can take up to three to six months for you to see the results you require, but with PPC you will be able to see results right away with a relatively small budget. Even if I rank high within organic search results, do I really need PPC? It is important to remember that paid ads are always placed above the organic search results, so even if you have a great organic search presence it doesn't hurt to invest in PPC campaign. The more you are seen, the better your business will thrive! How do I choose what keywords to rank on?

Consulting with a professional PPC manager will help you decide what keywords are the most beneficial to rank on. There are many things to keep in mind while doing this, including determining what your clientele is looking for and what your competition is bidding on. PPC consultants will help to determine what will give you the most bang for your buck. Have any other questions about paid search ads? Contact the PPC professionals at Front Man Marketing today.

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