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Signs You Should Invest in PPC Management

Companies are now realizing the benefits of using optimized paid ads. Pay per click campaigns drive quality traffic to your site and offer higher conversion rates. While 70% of links that users click are organic, 65% of clicks on paid ads are by customers who intend to make a purchase.

All the moving parts of the ad campaign need to work in harmony for the project to be successful. However, you need to master all intricacies of ad account management or risk bleeding money on un-optimized PPC campaigns. Outsourcing to a PPC management agency remains a great option. But how do you determine you need assistance? Here are some warning signs to watch out for.

1. A Low Click-Through-Rate

Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is a vital metric that provides insight on your ad rank and cost per click. It is a ratio of the clicks to the total number of ad views or impressions. A higher CTR means that your ads have a better ranking and at a lower cost. The average CTR may vary by industry, keyword, or goals set. If you are stuck with low click-through-rates for your campaigns, you will need to bring experts in for PPC management.

2. Disorganized Campaigns

Your account may not have any structure that defines the goals you intend to achieve through the campaigns. Or you have too many ad groups or large keyword lists on each group. If that is the case you need help from a Minneapolis PPC management company to reduce the clutter. They can reorganize and restrategize your campaigns by focusing on keywords that drive traffic to your site. You can achieve better ad relevance outrank your competition.

3. No Time to Manage Account

As a digital marketing manager, you may have to wear different hats. You need to manage the company’s search engine optimization, paid ads, and content marketing. Having too much on your plate can make you neglect your Google Ads account. Outsourcing your PPC management to a third-party can help you focus on other tasks. It can help increase the efficiency of your in-house team.

4. Low Conversion Rates After Heavy Spending

You may have a high click rate that is not translating to more leads for your company. If you are spending more money with low conversions, you need to reevaluate your strategy. An experienced PPC management agency may help you identify where you are going wrong.

You may be focusing on the wrong keywords or bidding at an inappropriate time. The experts can also provide accurate tracking of non-performing keywords and refine them. A Minneapolis SEO company can also ensure you optimize your landing page for all devices.

5. Unsure of Strategies to Use

There are tons of sites out there offering cookie-cutter information on how to optimize your campaigns. You may end up suffering from analysis paralysis, not knowing what’s best for your site. A PPC management agency may help create a well-orchestrated campaign that gets you back on track. The experts spend their days testing new strategies that they can use to boost their client’s conversions.

There is virtually no enterprise that would not benefit from having an extra set of eyes look into the running of the paid ad campaigns. PPC management can help create winning ad copies that can boost conversion rates and annual sales.

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