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5 Common PPC Mistakes That Can Wreck Your Campaigns

Investing in a well-orchestrated PPC campaign can make all the difference in actively driving traffic to your website. It creates a level playing field for all brands, large or small, to place their products and services right in front of the eyes of their potential customers. While 80% of users click on SEO organic results, 65% of those that click on paid ads are customers who intend to make a purchase.

Running a successful pay per click ad campaign may be harder than it looks. Most marketers fall into costly pitfalls, struggling to make their PPC management profitable. Here are five common PPC mistakes that you can avoid to increase your ROI drastically.

1. Lacking a Well-Defined PPC Management Strategy

Running disorganized paid ad campaigns can do your brand more harm than good. Your account may lack a structure that clearly defines the goals you wish to achieve, leading to wrong targeting. You may need to create a campaign structure that refines your ads' creative, targeting, and bidding phases.

2. Forgetting Negative Keywords

If you are paying for your PPC management, it is vital to ensure that you receive only high-quality clicks. Google, Facebook, Bing, and Instagram continue to tweak their match types, which may lead to your ad triggering irrelevant keywords. Some of these phrases may need to be avoided. You would not wish to rank for "residential cleaning services" when your clientele is purely commercial properties. Placing "residential" in the negative keywords category may avoid your business triggering your ad, improving your return on investment.

3. Focusing on the Wrong Metrics

You may have established your goals, but how do you determine that you are hitting them? Some marketers wrongfully focus on impressions and clicks, forgetting the conversions and engagements. They fail to assess their PPC management effectively. You can add a conversion tracking code to your account to help you focus on performing keywords and ads.

4. Having a Low-Quality landing Page

You can have a well-structured PPC account with tightly themed ad groups, but all the efforts may go to waste without an optimized landing page. The users already have an idea of the content that they expect by following the paid ad link. If the keywords in your ads do not match those on the landing page, you may experience a higher bounce rate. Your website should load quickly, as well as have relevant content optimized to the keyword that triggered the ad. It should also contain a strong call to action to maximize your conversions.

5. Trying to Do it Yourself

Learning PPC management can be exciting but costly, too. You may end up making costly rookie technical mistakes with your campaign ad copy. Do you understand the difference between phrase, broad, and exact match types? Do you know how to set up conversion tracking and other metrics? Can you conduct effective keyword research to find phrases for the optimization of your ad groups? You may end up paying dearly for every mistake that you make. You can avoid losing money by outsourcing to a Minneapolis PPC management company.

Creating and running a successful PPC ad campaign can take your business to new highs. However, you may need to be on the lookout for these five common PPC mistakes that can prove costly for your business. Besides, Front Man Marketing can help create winning ad copies that convert.


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