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5 Mistakes to Avoid in Your PPC Ad

Pay per click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) have become two of the most popular marketing strategies in recent years. That’s because over 100 billion online searches are conducted each month, which can add up to significantly increased revenue for your business. However, whether you choose to invest in SEO or PPC management, there are several mistakes to watch out for, especially when it comes to ads. Here are the five most common ones.

Lackluster Writing

This may seem like an obvious mistake, but lackluster writing pops up time and time again in SEO and PPC campaigns. Ideally, you want writing that gets your ad noticed and gets your ad clicked on. However, there is limited space for your ad and a limited amount of time to grab your target audience. Search engine users have a short attention span and will only click on something that really grabs them. Facts and figures, simple words, and goal-oriented copy will speak to more users, so be sure to include them.

Using the Wrong Keywords

You probably already know the importance of keywords in an SEO or PPC campaign. Keywords help you reach your target audience and they help your target audience find you. However, many ads use the wrong keywords. For example, if you sell handmade children’s sweaters, scarves, and jackets, you may not want to use the keyword, “sweaters.” If you do, you will be competing with much larger stores that sell all types of sweaters, and you won’t reach your target audience. Instead, try using a more specific keyword phrase, such as “handmade children’s sweaters” or “handmade clothing for kids.” You can add a location in the keyword if you're a brick-and-mortar store, too.

No Negative Keywords

Negative keywords tell Google what they should not show. A common PPC mistake is to not include them, which will then lead the wrong user to your page. If you aren’t selling cheap merchandise or giving something away for free, be sure to include the negative keywords “cheap” and “free,” which commonly pop up in ads. Using the right negative keywords can also eliminate unnecessary and costly clicks.

No Ad Extensions

Ad extensions provide users with extra information and, oftentimes, PPC campaigns don’t use them. However, using ad extensions can increase your visibility, are free, and get your ad more clicks. An ad extension can include your phone number, location, images, prices, sitelinks, or even an invitation to download your app. Ad extensions can increase your reach, so be sure to include them.

Linking an Ad to Your Homepage

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes you can make with your PPC ad is to link it to your company homepage. Many users feel overwhelmed and lost when they’re taken to your homepage. If your homepage is difficult to navigate then users will go elsewhere. They also want to be taken directly to the page they thought they were clicking on without wasting time. They’ll be more likely to leave your site if you don’t link the proper landing page in your ad.

The increased online visibility that comes with starting a new SEO or PPC campaign is a good thing, unless you can’t seem to reach your target audience. The best way to ensure you reach them is to have a goal in mind before you begin. Avoid these five common mistakes by relying on Front Man Marketing today.


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