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5 Pay Per Click Myths and Misconceptions Debunked

Pay Per Click advertising is a marketing strategy that continues to withstand the test of time. It is among the most popular strategies, with 83% of company executives feeling confident bout their PPC market. Paid ad campaigns can drive quality traffic to your website, increasing your conversation rates.

Sadly, PPC advertising is one of the least understood digital marketing strategies. Outdated techniques and mismanaged campaigns result in wrong stereotypes about this marketing hack. To help you optimize your pay per click channels, here are five common PPC myths and misconceptions that you need to drop.

1. PPC Advertising Is Expensive

As the name suggests, you only spend money on pay-per-click advertising after a user clicks on one of your ads. As a result, most people wrongfully believe that this marketing strategy is inherently expensive. The truth is PPC advertising is budget-friendly if managed correctly.

The myth exists primarily due to inexperienced people running the ads. However, hiring a professional Minneapolis PPC management agency can help you mitigate your losses by investing in well-orchestrated campaigns.

2. No One Clicks on Ads Anymore

Another common misconception is that users consider ads as a nuisance and will automatically ignore it. However, a recent survey shows that 63% of respondents have clicked on a Google Ad. 75% say that paid search ads make it easier for them to find information as it directly answers their search query. PPC advertising also helps improve brand recognition through impressions. More than a quarter of users online click on an ad because it mentions a brand they are familiar with.

3. You Don’t Need PPC Campaigns If You're Ranking High on SERPs

The debate between search engine optimization and PPC advertising continues to arise among most marketers. While 70% of users may click on organic search results, 65% of those that click on a pay-per-click ad intend to make a purchase. Consequently, well-managed PPC campaigns offer a lead conversion rate that’s 50% higher than organic sources. You can maximize the conversion rate by integrating SEO and PPC campaigns to increase your website’s visibility and exposure.

4. Anyone can Run a Pay Per Click Ad Campaign

Most business and marketing executives often see PPC marketing as a straightforward process that they can handle alone with minimum effort or experience. Managing a Google AdWords account can be complicated. You do not have the luxury to leave the ad campaigns running on auto-drive. An experienced PPC management company can carry out the constant monitoring, bidding, and testing required to achieve a successful campaign.

5. Google AdWords Is the Only Platform You Have

Google is the most popular search engine, and most businesses may limit themselves to an AdWords account. However, you can also invest in Microsoft Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to market your business. You can target new audiences, increase traffic and boost your conversions through other PPC media. Additionally, you can enjoy lucrative offers from the other platforms.

Get the Right PPC Marketing Partner

PPC marketing is an excellent way to channel quality traffic to your site, increasing your conversions and revenue. Do not let these five myths hold you back from maximizing your pay-per-click campaigns. However, you will need the right partner. To best manage your PPC ads, reach out to Front Man Marketing Agency.


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