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PPC Stats and Trends

SEO (search engine optimization) is all the rage in online advertising, but if you are uber focused on SEO and ignoring the value of PPC (pay per click) you are missing out. PPC is still bringing in the business.

Pay-per-click is an online marketing tool that can move traffic right into your lap. The potential for great conversion rates is still high with a finely tuned PPC campaign. The statistics do not lie. All you need is a PPC management team that can craft a campaign that will get you results.

Money Stats For PPC

Advertisers double their money with PPC. For every $1 you spend on a Google AdWords campaign you have the potential to make $2. Not bad. According to the experts, paid searches can raise your brand's awareness by about 80%. Again, not a bad ROI, that is a particularly good ROI.

In 2018 there was about $23 billion spent on online advertising, about $10 billion of that money went to PPC. Why? It works. Advertising experts know what to invest in to get results.

Consumer Stats And PPC

There is a tremendous body of statistical evidence that your Minneapolis PPC management team can share with you that shows that consumers use pay-per-click advertising. For example, 49% of people are highly likely to click on a text ad. Text ads are favored.

75% of consumers are more likely to click on pay-per-click advertising because they help them to find the information that they want easily. 50% of pay-per-click users are more likely to make a purchase than users that find the information organically.

In the United States about 65% of all searches begin with Google, there are about 160 billion searches per day on Google with many of those searches for businesses, services, and products. PPC advertising can reach approximately 80% of all users.

A “pause” study found that when PPC was paused a staggering 89% of users did not continue their search organically. Another study found that 63% of users are highly likely to click on an ad.


It should come as no surprise that when you compare PPC results to SEO results there is a thin margin between the two because they go hand in hand in creating a winning campaign. Minneapolis SEO and Minneapolis PPC complement each other.

Do not miss out on the gains that could be made by only using one or the other. Successful campaigns combine both. Learn more about PPC management and how it can be helping to raise those conversions.


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