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Should We Be Scared of Knowledge Boxes?

Moz does a great job of pointing out the risk/reward of the knowledge based results Google showcases on some keywords. We’re in agreement that the first question a business needs to ask themselves is, can we benefit from being featured in one of these answer boxes? If so, they need to follow that up with “do we have the resources to allocate towards these keywords?”

The only part of Moz’s pitch we didn’t like is that this is more of a subset of keywords. We have not seen a lot of related graphs and answer boxes when someone types in Minneapolis Plumbers, and certainly not when you get a good long tail keyword. Who knows, maybe that is coming down the pipe at some point, but for now the vast majority of businesses don’t need to lose sleep over potential lost opportunity.

As always, you should be able to discuss strategies with your SEO team and find the right course of action for your unique objectives.

To learn more about the impact of Google’s knowledge graphs and answer boxes watch Moz’s Friday Whiteboard session here:

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